Charting the Bible Chronologically: A Visual Guide to God's Unfolding Plan

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Charting the Bible Chronologically: A Visual Guide to God’s Unfolding Plan

by Dr. Thomas Ice and Dr. Ed Hindson

So many people are searching for a strong biblical and prophetic foundation. Attempting to “rightly divide the Word,” gets more and more challenging in this day of doctrinal confusion. People need to have a trusted source that examines the Bible at a deeper level, incorporating the original Hebrew and Greek languages into their prophetic studies. And one needs to understand dispensational theology in order to make sense of the Bible from beginning to end. No other method of interpretation makes any sense. This book is that foundational guide and roadmap you’ve been searching for. It starts at the beginning and gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire Bible through a wide lens. 

The Bible tracks the rise and fall of kingdoms and governments and covers several millennia of ancient history. It reveals God’s plan for humanity through powerful accounts that still speak to us today. Charting the Bible Chronologically, written by well-known authors and Bible prophecy experts, Dr. Thomas Ice and Dr. Ed Hindson, give readers a panoramic view of the events recorded in Scripture, all laid out in chronological order. It is a whole new approach to understanding the Bible. If we gave a copy of this book to every Christian, new and old, there wouldn’t be the confusion we see today at every turn.

Also included in this book’s 40-plus full-color charts are . . . 

  • Timelines of Biblical History
  • Overviews of Major Empires
  • A Master Foldout Chart of the Entire Bible

From “in the beginning” to the New Jerusalem, this theologically sound and easy-to-understand compilation provides the big picture of what God has done, is doing, and will do. Charting the Bible Chronologically is an unparalleled resource for new believers and Bible scholars alike. This is a work of art you will come to cherish and rely on in your personal studies. 

Dr. Thomas Ice and Dr. Ed Hindson
Harvest House
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