Children’s Pilgrim’s Progress Bundle

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Both the book and the dramatic reading CD set for only $29.95!

Children's Pilgrim's Progress  (book)

Capture your children’s imaginations
and introduce them to John Bunyan’s enduring
masterpiece with this ALL-NEW children’s
adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress!

Take your children on a journey with Christian while
learning important truths of the gospel and gaining a
richer understanding of Christ’s work in the life of a believer.


• Designed for ages 6 to 12
• 13 chapters with Glossary and Glossary Index
• Over 50 stunning original illustrations
• Full-color map of Christian’s journey
• Hardcover with dust jacket, 112 pages (6 x 9 inches)
• Great gift for children and grandchildren
• BONUS: Storybook included in Deluxe Classroom Kit!

Writer Anna Trimiew
Illustrator Drew Rose
Theological Editor John Musselman


Children's Pilgrim's Progress: Dramatic Reading (CD set)

Word-for-word reading of the book with multiple character voices, musical interludes, and sound effects.

A must for classroom use!
(included in Deluxe Classroom Kit)

Great for listening in the car, at home, or while
your children read along in their storybooks!

2 Discs (1 hr 43 mins)