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These wonderful teaching cards will amaze your students as you teach the finer points of the Ancient Hebrew language. Use them to create words, exploring their numeric values, and highlight the ancient Hebrew meaning of each letter in the process. Each card is designed to assist with learning, teaching and exploring the majesty in the language of YHVH!

Each set contains the 22 letters of the Ancient Hebrew Aleph Beyt, with extra letters for those used more frequently and a special “key” card with all  values on one card.

Each letter in the Hebrew script is also a number. Each number has a meaning that is primarily determined by how that number is used in the specific scriptures in which it is found. By examining the whole of scripture, a pattern emerges that solidifies the meaning of each number for us.

Each card contains the Hebrew letter with the accompanying number, and a definition as found in scripture.

A great book with which to start for those interested in more evidence for numbers and their meanings is Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance by E. W. Bullinger.

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