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Author: Ken Johnson
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Historical Documents That Point to Biblical Creation

This book is a Christian timeline of ancient post-Flood history based on Bible chronology, the early church fathers, and ancient Jewish and secular history. This can be used as a companion guide in the study of Creation science. This revised edition adds the background history of nine new countries. Learn the true origins of the countries and people of France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Iran, China, the Arabs, the Kurds, and more. Some questions answered: Who were the Pharaohs in the times of Joseph and Moses? When did the famine of Joseph occur? What Egyptian documents mention these? When did the Exodus take place? When did the kings of Egypt start being called “Pharaoh” and why? Who was the first king of a united Italy? Who was Zeus and where was he buried? Where did Shem and Ham rule and where were they buried? How large was Nimrod’s invasion force that set up the Babylonian Empire, and when did this invasion occur? What is Nimrod’s name in Persian documents? How can we use this information to witness to unbelievers?

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5 reviews for Ancient Post-Flood History
Ken Johnson

  1. TR

    The author has impressive knowledge that anyone interested in biblical history, geographical and prophetical information would want to read ken Johnson’s expertly researched and defining truth of biblical information.

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  2. Sarah Farid

    Dr. Ken Johnson’s book, Ancient Post-Flood History, is quite possibly one of the finest and most accurate historical books written in our time.

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  3. Sandra Edge

    Great book, amazing new insights!

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  4. Jimmy Lane


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  5. Ray R

    Excellent!!! Much research done in this book. I learned so much and really enjoyed reading it.

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