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Author: Tim LaHaye
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Bible Prophecy For Everyone: What You Need to Know About the End Times

by Tim LaHaye

If you’ve ever wanted to have a better grasp of current events and Bible Prophecy, this book was written especially for you. In this clear, easy-to-use resource by one of today’s all-time best-selling prophecy experts, you will discover:

  • Guidelines for how to accurately interpret Bible prophecy
  • Charts that present clear outlines of the future
  • Step by step examples of how to understand what the Bible says about the rapture, the second coming, and the millennial kingdom. 
  • A comprehensive overview of God’s plan for the last days.

With world events indicating we are closer than ever to the Lord’s return, you’ll find this book useful for navigating the exciting and challenging days to come. 


Introduction: The Urgency of Bible Prophecy

  1. A New Way to Study Prophecy
  2. Why Christians Should Study Prophecy
  3. The Certainty of Christ’s Second Coming
  4. Two Second Comings or One?
  5. The Tribulation that Separates the Phases
  6. The Tribulation, the Heart of the Book of Revelation
  7. The Merciful Acts of God in Revelation
  8. The Rapture Before the Tribulation
  9. The Church is Distinct From Israel
  10. Why Studying Bible Prophecy is so Important
  11. Christians Will Be Saved From Wrath
  12. Not Really So Secure
  13. Our Lord’s Outline of Prophecy
  14. The Glorious Appearing
  15. The Christian Resurrection From the Dead
  16. When Resurrected Christians Meet Their Lord
  17. The Coming Kingdom of Christ
  18. Where the Dead Are Now
  19. The Great White Throne Judgment
  20. The Best is Yet to Come
  21. Drawing Nearer to Christ’s Return

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Tim LaHaye

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