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New to The Living Word in 3D?

Watch this 1-minute video and you'll see how magnificent the Hebrew language is!


Amazing Three-Volume Set at a 20% Discount!

1) Living Word in 3D Volume One
1) Living Word in 3D Volume Two
1) Hebrew Word Pictures


Living Word Volume One

“In The Beginning…” These words have been familiar to millions over millennia. Yet, even after all this time, could there be more to discover in this ancient verse?

In this remarkable book, writer C.J. Lovik begins his journey of exploration into a code embedded into the Book of Genesis – a hidden communication that discloses the redemptive plan of God and gives us a portrait of the coming Messiah.

Volume One in the Living Word series sets the framework for Lovik’s in depth studies.

Living Word Volume Two

Why would we be interested in the “ancient begetting” that appears to be nothing more than an obligatory posting of births and deaths?

In this, the second volume of the remarkable Living Word in 3D Series, writer C.J. Lovik unveils the messages of Genesis 5 and examines the stunning prophecies embedded in the names of the Ten Patriarchs from Adam to Noah.

Hebrew Word Pictures

Hebrew Word Pictures (Dr. Frank Seekins) demonstrates how, when ancient Hebrew was first written, each letter represented both a sound and a picture, thus creating a “word picture” that illustrates the meaning of every Hebrew word. The pictures created in ancient Hebrew are uncanny, profound and often prophetic.

Hebrew Word Pictures is a very instructive tool for unlocking the profound and prophetic meaning of Hebrew words found in the Bible and everyday life. You don’t have to be able to read Hebrew in order to understand and benefit from this book.

This recently revised, beautiful, full color book and accompanying CD are THE authoritative resource for Hebrew word pictures.


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