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Author: Ken Johnson
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The ancient church fathers documented their struggle with the rebellion of the bishops of Rome. They recorded the heresies that crept into the Roman Catholic Church and their subsequent rebuke of those Roman bishops, or popes. The first section will give a detailed history of Rome from AD 50 to the modern times. The second section will deal with some ancient prophecies about the rise and fall of papal Rome. The third section deals directly with some of the major divisive issues created by the Roman Catholic Church. Such as: papal infallibility, idolatry, sorcery, transubstantiation, celibacy, purgatory, etc. The true origin of these doctrinal heresies are the Gnostic cults of the first and second century. Quotes from the church fathers can be read in their entirety in the ten volume set of Ante-Nicene Fathers, and summarized in Ancient documents.

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