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Type: Coloring Book
Pages: 156
Publisher: Rock Island Books, LLC
ISBN-13: 9780996340571
Language: English


The year is 1911. All nine children in the Spice family settle in for what seems to be a normal evening on the farm when the news comes. Unexpected visitors from a far-away place arrive with revelations that will forever impact the lives of the Spice family, leaving a legacy of encouragement and hope in its wake. In-depth discussions about Heaven ( who goes there, how to get there and what happens when you die) are re-occurring themes at the Spice farm, as Heaven is quickly approaching for one member of the family. Wild dogs, mysterious lights, frontier justice, outdoors adventures and ‘wild west’ stories hold the attention of even the youngest of readers.

This companion to the Spice Family Chronicles will provide hours of fun-filled enjoyment as the imagination runs wild with creativity.

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