The Biblical Path of Life - Year One: Quarter Two (12 Pack)

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“Having grown up in church and being well-traveled, I have both taught from and used a variety of different Sunday School curricula. The Biblical Path of Life has by far been the most in depth, chronologically, Christ-centered, and simple to use curriculum I have encountered with far more knowledge in the material per lesson than any other I have used. It is designed for both teacher and student to increase in understanding. I cannot recommend it enough.”~ Justin, Oklahoma


The Biblical Path of Life is a study designed to help anyone understand how simply yet intricately the Bible is put together. It is a study for:


  • an individual,
  • a family,
  • a small-group Bible study, or
  • a Sunday School program for all ages.


The Bible is the most important thing we can know, and it specifically reveals what God expects from His people. But many can find the Bible difficult to read or understand. Yet in order to know how to live a Christian life that is pleasing to God, we must first understand what His Word says.


  • A comprehensive three-year study through the scriptures
  • Begins with an overview of the Bible
  • A chronological journey through the Old and New Testaments
  • Compares scripture with scripture for greater understanding
  • Reveals how Jesus and the Bible applies to everyday life


Learn foundational truths that God revealed to his people from the beginning of time–truths that you will see echoed and fulfilled by the familiar word of the New Testament. With the principles outlined in this study, you'll be equipped to apply them directly to your own Christian walk and become more like Jesus.