The Key Ideas Bible Handbook

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The Key Ideas Bible Handbook

Understanding and Applying All the Main Concepts Book by Book

by Ron Rhodes

Unleash the Power of God’s Truth in Your Daily Life!

If you’re interested in spiritual growth and a closer relation with Jesus, this is the book for you! Ron digs into each book of the Bible and pulls out the gems that will bless your life and help you achieve spiritual maturity. If you’ve ever wanted an advanced overview of each book of the Bible, (summarized in 398 pages!) this book will be a Godsend for you.

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is full of life-changing truth. But to fully experience the power of God’s Word, you can go beyond merely knowing the facts—you can let them transform you. In this new resource, noted author and biblical scholar, Ron Rhodes, author of (70!) wonderful books, takes the reader through every book of the Bible, breaking down complex concepts into practical applications and offering helpful insights for each.

For example, key applications found in I John include:

  • Our fellowship with God hinges on walking in the light as He is in the light.
  • When we fall into sin and fall out of fellowship with God, confession to God is the remedy that restores our fellowship.
  • When we sin, Jesus is our defense attorney—and He never loses a case in God’s court. Our fellowship with God is protected.

Word studies, quotes from famous Christians, cross references, and much more are included in every profound chapter to help you dig deeper into every transformational concept. As you put God’s key principles into practice, you’ll experience more than ever all the benefits the Bible has to offer.

Ron Rhodes
Harvest House
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