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Qty 1: The Story of Jesus  - $39.95

Author: C.J. Lovik
SKU: 01010007

Category: Books
Type: Hardcover
Pages: 198
Color/BW: Color
Size: 12 x 8 x 1 inches
Publisher: Rock Island Books
ISBN-10: 0-9909129-5-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9909129-5-8
Language: English
The story of the life of Jesus, as told by four separate biographers, weaves together a harmonized story that accurately portrays the life of Jesus Christ.

The harmonized account verifies the miracle of the four separate accounts, as they each stand without contradiction or discrepancy.

The story combines the richness of the four biographies written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The harmonized account allows the careful reader to marvel at the truthfulness of the testimonies of the four Gospel writers.

The central personality of the story is, of course, Jesus Christ.

We invite you to read this story with a desire to glimpse the revelation of God as he deliberately and graciously reveals himself in ways that invite you to respond to Him in faith and trust.

We believe that the single most important miracle today is that God actually “contemporizes” Himself as his Word is read. And based on this conviction we would invite you to find a copy of the Holy Bible and read the “miracle” accounts written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

In the meantime – we invite you to read the greatest Story ever told! The Story of Jesus.


Qty 1: Pilgrim's Progress - $29.95

Author: John Bunyan, C.J. Lovik
SKU: 01020003

Categories: Books, Classics
Type: Hardcover
Pages: 240
Color/BW: Color
Size: 6.5 x 9.2 x 0.7 inches
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN-10: 1-4335069-9-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-4335069-9-4
Language: English
Thirty all-new, full-page, color illustrations and edited text for ease of reading make this the edition of John Bunyan’s classic allegorical tale to own and to give.

For more than three centuries both Christians and non-Christians, young and old, have been fascinated by the characters and story of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress: From This World to That Which Is to Come-regarded as one of the most significant works of English literature. While keeping the dignity and beauty of Bunyan’s language, editor C. J. Lovik has updated words and phrases for today’s readers.

This deluxe edition of Pilgrim’s Progress, brought to life in forty all-new, full-page, color illustrations by award-winning illustrator Mike Wimmer, takes readers on a visually stunning journey with protagonist Christian as he seeks the Celestial City. Along the way, readers encounter Evangelist, Mr. Worldly Wisdom, the Interpreter, Hypocrisy, Watchful, Faithful, Talkative, Hopeful, Ignorance, and others. Through word and picture, readers will better understand the obstacles and encouragements they will face as they live out the Christian life this side of heaven.


Qty 1: Rest - $29.95

Author: C.J. Lovik
SKU: 01010002
Categories: Books, Devotional
Type: Hardcover
Pages: 92
Color/BW: Color
Size: 9 x 6 x .58 inches
Publisher: Rock Island Books
ISBN-10: 0-9909129-2-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9909129-2-7
Language: English
Rest! What is the “rest” that Jesus proclaims in the Book of Matthew as he beckons the weary and burdened to come to him?

What is Heaven? How do we get there? What will we do there? How will we be transformed there?

What happens when we no longer need the grace of God?

And why do some people fear that state?

These questions, along with many others, are addressed in this brief book by writer C.J. Lovik