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  1. Thank you so much for the book. I am loving it. I was hoping you would have the teaching of the word SHALOM. I want to share with our church family.

  2. This morning on Facebook, February 20, I saw a whiteboard explanation of Jerusalem. This evening (for almost 2hours) I have searched Facebook and YouTube for this excellent explanation! I want to show it Friday night to our group of gentile believers who meet once a month on Shabbat. I cannot believe how much time I have spent searching for this video, all without results. Can you please tell me where I can locate it!! Thank you for your help!! I’ll be awaiting your quick response!

  3. I recently purchased both Volumes One & Two of “The Living Word in 3D.” I love both of them but wondering. Are there plans to continue this series beyond Volume Two? Hoping there are plans to do so . . . . and soon!


    M. Montana

  4. Are there plans for a Volume 3 and progressive other volumes in “The Living Word 3D” series? I love the care and attention to detail. The first two volumes are beautifully put together.

  5. May you be bless all the days of your life.
    The love and appreciation for the love of the Father,
    through His Son Jesus has increased; also the more my hunger.
    I’ve made plans to build a home library, starting with everything you have.
    Then plant the complete library into a pastor’s life; starting with my pastor first.
    I see the visitation and manifestation of God’s Word happening world wide during my generation.
    Thought I also see a Grate Struggle. I remain steadfast in this “YHVH” is at the helm.

  6. I “stumbled” on this site and am excited to explore it further.
    We study Hebrew at our Congregation. This will be a valuable

  7. I’ve been watching your youtube videos for a while and also have several of your books, love them both. I remember a longer video you put up on Youtube that talked somewhat about a timeline and prophecies. You mentioned Adam possibly being 33 years old at creation if I remember correctly and the year 2030 being of some importance. I can’t find the video now, is there any way you can tell me the name of that video so I can go back and watch it again? I thought I saved it, but I can’t seem to find which one it was.

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